Not Ok: Dancehall fans divided as new Vybz Kartel song falters

It’s been a rough week for Vybz Kartel, which is saying a lot considering the artiste is incarcerated for murder.

Incarcerated dancehall artiste Vybz Kartel

A week after the Worl’ Boss debuted his latest single, Not Ok, the track continues to draw attention but not for the reasons fans have come to expect of the prolific deejay.

Not OK, an unexpected nod to rock music, is a departure from the hardcore dancehall lyrics long-time supporters of the artiste are used to and continues to leave many undecided on how to receive it.

While die-hard fans have managed to eke out half-hearted compliments and lukewarm praise for the song, others have not been as kind, even saying the artiste is ‘not okay’ and that the song is a ‘cry for help’.

The song failed to take the top spot on YouTube’s list of tracks trending in Jamaica, which left some questioning its merits while others accused artistes of buying views on the platform to rank higher.

Even Vybz Kartel, or his team (who really knows?), caught wind of the online discussion and gave his two cents from behind bars, essentially dismissing the importance of trending on YouTube.

That notwithstanding, the debate continued today, June 6, as “Kartel” and “Not Ok” trend in Jamaica as consumers shared views on single, which seems to still not have caught on with the masses.

One Twitter user, however, may have just cracked the code, remarking, “Don’t you guys see? Vybz Kartel is so smart. He’s released a rock song as a metaphor for nothing makeing sense in 2020. You have to have a certain level of intelligence to take him in as an artist.”

We won’t share our thoughts on the song, enough has already been said tbh, but let us know what you think in the comments, BUZZ fam!