NOT SAFE: Kanye West pulls out of Easter performance

Kanye West has pulled out of a planned performance at a virtual Easter service this weekend.

The 42-year-old rapper—who holds his own Sunday Services in Los Angeles—had agreed to participate in 57-year-old televangelist Joel Osteen’s broadcast to celebrate the Christian festival but he has now bowed out over safety concerns.

TMZ reports that Kanye and his choir of over 100 members had planned to wear masks and maintain social distancing but “Kanye decided it just didn’t feel safe enough for everyone involved, and he couldn’t carry out his vision, so he decided to pull the plug”.

However, Mariah Carey is still tipped to perform ‘Hero’, while Tyler Perry will speak.

Osteen’s non-denominational church regularly live streams services to millions of followers, and this weekend the Lakewood website has confirmed broadcasts for 7pm on Saturday (April 11) and 8.30am and 11am on Sunday (April 12).