Not the face! Rihanna appears in public bruised after accident

Rihanna stays making headlines, and it’s rarely about the music.

Rihanna suffered bruises to her face after falling from an e-scooter a few days ago, says her representative.

This time, it’s because the Barbadian singer was spotted in Los Angeles with a black eye and a swollen face while picking up food at Girgio Baldi in Santa Monica, Friday night.

The photos were captured by paparazzi who spotted the We Found Love artiste as she waited for her curbside pickup food in her Escalade.

Rihanna was photographed with a black eye and swollen face in Los Angeles last Friday.

Now, while many people immediately thought the worst – then-boyfriend Chris Brown beat her in 2009 – turns out the explanation was something far tamer.

According to her rep, Riri fell off an e-scooter a few days ago, hitting her face and forehead.

And apparently, it’s not as bad as it seemed.

Speedy recovery, Rihanna! (P.S. We’re still waiting on that album!)