Notnice shares how he helped Alkaline after leaving Kartel’s camp

When dancehall artiste Alkaline started rocking hair extensions, racking up tattoos and bleaching his skin, producer Notnice felt the wrath of Vybz Kartel supporters who accused him of helping to create a carbon copy. The producer had parted ways with the ‘World Boss’ in 2011 after he claimed the deejay sent men to his home to confiscate his equipment. Two years later, he produced Alkaline’s debut song. But when Notnice tells the story, it’s an innocent tale of a producer wanting to help a promising artiste, just as he had done with Popcaan in 2010.

Music producer Notnice

“Mi know Alkaline from him a go school and mi did decide fi record him one time and him never did a flow right so mi seh gwaan do yuh thing and you’ll ketch the thing little better,” Notnice said during a recent Instagram Live.

Once the aspiring deejay had graduated from Ardenne High School, he sought to pursue a music career and used gimmicks to get the public’s attention. Notnice, who had fallen on hard times since disassociating from the Portmore Empire, was living in his small studio when Alkaline hit him up.

“Mi and Alkaline end up fall out too, mainly because him motive did different.”

– Notnice

“Him call me one night, I think him did deh pon Entertainment Report (ER) the night a seh him tattoo him eye,” he said. “When it done him call me and seh him never know seh mi have the same number… so him seh him a forward a di studio come link mi…mi give him the directions and him come. Him seh him deh pon ER and a do some interviews but him n’ave no song… him need material so if me woulda interested fi produce a song wid him and mi seh alright.”

The result was Things Mi Love, a sexy dancehall number which Notnice created to complement the tempo of Macka Diamond’s Dye Dye, which was all the rave in 2013.

Dancehall artiste Alkaline

“Alkaline did have a Rasta bredren around him at the time and mi tell him, ‘if you can go inna di party and get this fi play before or after Dye Dye, mi sure it a go buss.”

But the execution wasn’t as easy. According to Notnice, Alkaline was having a hard time getting selectors to play the song so he started accompanying him to the parties.

“Dem a seh when mi out deh wid dem di ting more a get play so mi seh, ‘mi a go start forward a road wid unno a night time’ so is like people start associate mi and Alkaline and a ask if a mi artiste and mi seh yeah…”

Incarcerated dancehall artiste Vybz Kartel

Notnice produced more songs for Alkaline including Move Mountains, Ready, Weh We A Go Do and Bruk Out, and started playing his tracks on tour. He also took up managerial responsibilities after Alkaline parted ways with his manager.

“Mi basically get him out deh to where people start voice him now… inna da time deh Alkaline career pick up.”

But as with Kartel, things eventually turned sour with the ‘Vendetta Boss’.

“Mi and Alkaline end up fall out too, mainly because him motive did different,” said Notnice. “Maybe the aim was yeah, mi fi help yuh come to the forefront and then afterwards yuh feel like yuh reach and mi nah go really tek dat so him go left, mi go right.”

Notnice was speaking with producer Steven ‘Lenky’ Marsden on Diwali Broadcast, an online quarantine series featuring various players of the music industry.