Numbers don’t lie: Protoje pleased with 47 million Spotify streams

In the same year he released the In Search Of Lost Time album, Jamaican entertainer Protoje had some impressive numbers on Spotify.


For 2020, Protoje’s music was streamed almost 48 million times on Spotify, and he has 5.6 million listeners in 92 countries. His tracks were listened to for 2.6 million hours.

With numbers like those, the Like Royalty artiste is grateful.

“Thanks to everyone for streaming and @spotify for helping to let me reach a wider audience. 🔥🔥🔥🔥 what song of mine did you stream the most this year??,” he said in an Instagram post on Friday where he shared an image with his Spotify stats.

“NUMBERS DONT FXXKING LIE,” commented his colleague Lila Ike.

“Dis a di top flight, dis a di big league,” another person added.

There were also many people responding to his question by stating the songs they liked from his album that was released in August. The 10-track project had songs like In Bloom, Deliverance, Same So and Self Defense.