Oh? Baby Cham and IG hottie Slickianna now dating?

After a few photos were posted with dancehall artiste Baby Cham getting close to IG hottie Slickianna, many people are now wondering if they are dating.

Aneka ‘Slickianna’ Townsend gets close to Baby Cham. (Photos: Instagram @slickianna)

The pictures in question were posted on the Instagram page of Slickianna, whose real name is Aneka Townsend.

In December, she posted a photo in which she was hugging the deejay.

“The love ❤️ I have for this man @thecham is unmatched! You’ll forever be my fav amongst the greatest! #legend,” she said.

“Look like he’s not married anymore.”

— social media user

But for his birthday in February, she went a little further when she posted another photo of herself sitting in the deejay’s lap while they both look at a phone screen.

Tongues wagging

Of course, the questions followed, as Cham was known to be married to Ophelia Beckett (also known as ‘O’) for years.

What’s so funny? Slickianna and Baby Cham share a laugh.

BUZZ cannot confirm if that relationship has ended, but Cham and Ophelia no longer follow each other on Instagram.

What we can confirm is that the pictures on Slickianna’s page have tongues wagging and fingers tapping.

“Haters will say it’s photoshopped😂 but she well comfortable and looking totally unbothered,” one person commented on the February post on Slickianna’s page.

“Look like he’s not married anymore because I hope the wife don’t see this but looking cute,” another added.