Oh dear… Kanye West urinates on Grammy Award

Kanye West went to the potty today, but he didn’t do a ‘number one’ or a ‘number two’ like most people. Instead, the rapper urinated on one of his 21 Grammy Awards.

Rapper Kanye West

In one of many tweets, the rapper shared a video of himself urinating on one of his Grammy Awards that was inside a toilet bowl.

“Trust me … I WONT STOP,” were the words that accompanied the eight-second video.

Kanye has been going at it since Tuesday, taking aim at the structure of the music industry. He also claimed that he would not release any new music until he is freed from contracts he has with Universal Music and Sony Music.

Continuing on Wednesday, he declared that he would not stop fighting until he has successfully bought the masters for his songs.

“We’ve gotten comfortable with not having what we deserve … they [record labels] allow us to have a little money from touring, get some gold chains, some alcohol, some girls and fake numbers that feed our egos … but we don’t own our masters,” he tweeted.

The rapper, who is worth more than US$1 billion, also claimed that Universal Music is unwilling to tell him the cost of his masters because they know he can afford to purchase them.

Insisting that the matter is ‘very personal’, Kanye said that he will continue the fight.

“I will do everything in my legal power and use my voice until all artist contracts are changed, starting with getting my masters for my children. I will not stop, I promise you. I am petty and very personal,” he wrote.