Oh, word? Kelsey Nicole drops diss track about former bestie Megan Thee Stallion

Kelsey Nicole is not here for former bestie Megan Thee Stallion’s inflammatory single Shots Fired.

Megan Thee Stallion and former best friend, Kelsey Nicole, in happier times.

Nicole released a response diss track titled Bussin Back Wednesday night, addressing claims surrounding the infamous July shooting incident involving rapper Tory Lanez.

The track is nestled on Tupac’s Hit ‘Em Up instrumental and throws shade all around with samples from Biggie Smalls’ Who Shot Ya and Tory Lanez’s Jokes On Me.

Nicole shuts down claims made in Stallion’s song that she took hush money from Lanez and that she was thirsty for attention from the rapper’s suitors.

According to her, Stallion was the one who “couldn’t control her little feelings” and that the situation spiralled out of control because of “penis”.

Sex tape threats

Nicole also claimed that Stallion threatened to release a sex tape if she told her side of the story. For this reason and more, Nicole finds Stallion’s “Protect Black Women” campaign contradictory.

“Man I thought you was solid but the ‘Joke’s on Me‘,” Nicole raps in reference to Lanez’s single about Stallion slandering him.

She elaborated on this in an Instagram Live ahead of the single’s premiere.

“We all know that I ain’t never wanted none of your ni**as,” she said. “Come to find out yo a** was f**king with a ni**a behind my back that I was on first and that ain’t right cause you was supposed to be my bestfriend. We laugh at b*tches that do that sh*t to each other, we not supposed to do that sh*t to each other.”

She added: “I don’t care whatever you think you got on me, expose the sh*t. Cause it’s nothing that you can expose that I won’t hold myself accountable for… You need to learn to hold yourself accountable for sh*t.”

Nicole said that she has tried to contact Stallion directly to have a mature conversation, but said she is yet to respond to her messages.

“I would respect you more if you call me. I’ve expressed all my concerns to you directly and you know what my issue is with you. I wasn’t your enemy, you made me your enemy… Megan, I know you like the back of my hand so I don’t know why you playing with me cause I could get on here and say some sh*t,” she said.

Despite the extended drama, Nicole said she wishes her well and just wants to move on.

“I wish her well, I pray for her, I want her to elevate but you not gon’ get to where you need to go when you steady tryna bury somebody,” she said.