Oh, wow! Milk says she was homeless after sex tape leaked in 2008

Milk’s life took a horrible turn after her sex tape was leaked back in 2008, and she has revealed that at one point she was even homeless.

Milk said that life got difficult after she lost her job. (Photo: Instagram/@themilkyoneja)

The media personality, whose real name is Amelia Sewell, was at the top of her game in media when a video of her performing oral sex on her ex-boyfriend, ZJ Liquid, started making the rounds.

Things quickly went downhill for her. She lost her job and was soon without a home.

“My life went to shambles. I was actually homeless for a little while because when I lost my job at CVM, the place where I was living, the landlord said that if CVM can say they lost confidence in you as a producer and you now have no job, how am I going to get my rent a month time,” Milk said in an interview on ‘Bwoyatingz By Kareem’ that was uploaded to YouTube on Sunday.

“He lost the phone in 2004 enuh and the tape mash up my life in June 2008.”

— Milk

“He gave me a month and after a month, I couldn’t find a place, and I had to send my son up to my grandmother and then I would stay at the same complex, but I slept in my car underneath the almond trees… I was like that for about three months.”

However, she said that a friend who lives on the complex would allow her to make breakfast and bathe in her apartment each morning.

At that point, Milk said that she had very few friends, as many of them turned their backs on her.

Interestingly, she said that she and Liquid were no longer together at the time the tape was leaked.

Got help

She explained that the video was recorded in 2004, years before it destroyed her life.

“He lost the phone in 2004 enuh and the tape mash up my life in June 2008. So that person sat there with that memory card… when my star was just about to rise,” she said.

Luckily, one of Milk’s uncle provided a lot of help when he allowed her to stay at an apartment he had rented in Jamaica. Since he would only be there a few days per month, he told Milk that she could stay there with her son until it was time for him to attend college.

Her son eventually got a scholarship to do tertiary studies.

She stayed there for nine years in total.

But it wasn’t just about her living situation. Milk said that she struggled to get a stable job. While she did various gigs, she said that she didn’t land a ‘real job’ until 2013 when she was managing Famous Nightclub in Portmore.

At one point, she said that she was even selling marijuana.

“I would sell two pounds in two days,” she said.

Interestingly, she even went back to CVM in 2016 and was the producer for their morning show. However, she said that was short-lived.

These days, she does various gigs and also runs an Airbnb. And, she still has plans to work on TV.

The journey has been long, but Milk is encouraging others to continue pushing on despite the difficulties they might face.

“Always remember, fall down 10 times, get up back 11,” she said.