Okur! Chris Rock tried to get Cardi B a comedy show

Cardi B is hands down one of the funniest people in music, capturing all with her unique takes on life and outrageous personality.

Cardi B could have been a comedy star, said Chris Rock.

Well, it seems the professionals agree with us. Comedian Chris Rock says he once tried to get Cardi B a comedy show. Of course, this was before the Bodak Yellow rapper achieved stardom, but still…that’s pretty big.

Rock, who was on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon yesterday, said he first saw Cardi when his kids introduced him a to a video of her on the Internet.

Actor and comedian Chris Rock

“Cardi B I saw on some, like, YouTube thing or whatever. Again, my kids show me this Cardi B girl, and she didn’t have a record out or anything,” he said.

Rock continued, “And I was like, ‘OK we should go show it.’ I’m not even gonna say what network but…So I went me, Cardi B and her management, you know, to kind of like get a show going.”

The idea never panned out, but we can’t say Cardi is any worse off for it.

The rapper returned with her monster hit WAP featuring Megan Thee Stallion after a brief musical hiatus.