Once a cheater, always a cheater? Derrick Jackson’s wife disagrees

Wife of relationship coach and author Derrick Jackson, Da’Naia, is responding to criticism for staying with her husband despite his history of infidelity.

The Christian woman appeared alongside Jackson in a recent video where he admitted to cheating on her because of a breakdown in his relationship with God, alcohol abuse and depression.

In the video, the couple said they’ve been in an on-and-off relationship since they were 19, and got married in 2018. Da’Naia said he had cheated on her previously, and she told him before they wed that if he did it again, she would leave. That’s exactly what she did early last year when she found out her celebrated husband hadn’t changed his ways. However, she said she took him back in late 2020 after he proved that he had changed his ways by the grace of God.

“Just because something is dead does not mean it cannot be resurrected by the blood of Jesus Christ and that is what He did in our situation.”

– Da’Naia

But viewers can’t seem to overlook other aspects of the video, like Da’Naia’s simplistic bonnet appearance in comparison to the tight sweater-hunk presentation of her husband, him squeezing her hand throughout the seven-minute video and the emotionless glare in her eyes as he seemed to over-explain to save his brand.

Da’Naia has clearly been living in the comments section and yesterday addressed all that people had to say.

“I’ve come to confront the issue that says you cannot be healed, that it takes this amount of time for you to be healed, that you have to be depressed, have anxiety, hide your face, once a cheater always a cheater (laughs), you are this, and we are this… Well, those are lies from the pit of hell cause what we don’t understand is there’s a spiritual war going on.”

She said her husband has already been delivered by God and is just lying in the bed he made. She seemed to take a jab at the women who have recently exposed Jackson, saying, “No weapons formed against us shall prosper.”

She also addressed those who claimed she must be tapped out of the marriage to appear on camera without getting made-up.

“I never had a desire to come and speak to the public in this capacity and being attached to someone who is a great public figure, a great orator who presents himself well can be a lot to deal with especially with coming to the world who says you have to look a certain way, you have to sit up proper some way, you have to articulate yourself a certain way, you have to wear your hair a certain way, you have to do all of these things which I’m not. I don’t meet up to that, I don’t care about these things…that is not my ministry. I’m gonna be who the Lord has told me to be.”

Overall, Da’Naia hopes to be a living testimony that God can heal and repair anyone and any situation.

“I’ve come to confront and to reveal the plot and the scheme of the enemy that says you cannot have this, you cannot be healed, you cannot be set free, you have to stay in bondage, you have to leave, you have to divorce… Just because something is dead does not mean it cannot be resurrected by the blood of Jesus Christ and that is what He did in our situation.”