One Love! ‘The Voice’ coaches perform Bob Marley’s iconic song

Reggae legend Bob Marley’s ‘One Love’ is part of the promotional lead-up to the new season of ‘The Voice’.

Bob Marley’s music stands the test of time. This is not a think piece to defend that position, we are stating big facts.

The latest proof of the enduring nature of his music is the inclusion of One Love, one of his greatest hits, in the promotional lead-up to the 19th season of The Voice.

The coaches of season 19 of NBC’s ‘The Voice’.

The all-star version rendition of the song features the NBC reality competition series’ four coaches, Blake Shelton, John Legend, Kelly Clarkson and the returning Gewn Stefani.

The roughly three and a half-minute video showcases the soulful timbre of Legend joined by the goose bump-inducing range of Clarkson who tackles the first verse to great success. The guitar-strumming Shelton’s distinctly country tone adds a unique twist to the well-known song, while Stefani brings an almost punk-rock feel to the song’s second verse.

The socially distant-conscious remake is different from the original, but not in a way that makes you cringe. The message remains, and is seemingly even more apt amid a growing pandemic and increasing awareness of the inequalities faced being faced by African Americans, and black people globally.

This latest distinction for Marley comes a week after three of his albums with The Wailers were included on Rolling Stones’ revised 500 Greatest Albums of All Time list.

Check out their rendition below and let us know how you think they did in the comments, BUZZ fam!