One man! Vanessa bling says she’s never cheated

Dancehall songstress, Vanessa Bling

Jamaican songstress Vanessa Bling was not just stringing favourable lyrics together when she recorded One Man in 2011. During an Instagram live with fellow deejay Cham on Sunday night, the Gaza Empire princess declared that she has never cheated in her relationship history.

“When I’m with somebody, mi with somebody,” Bling said. “When mi love, mi love hard. When mi love yuh and if mi deh wid yuh, a just me and you alone but yuh see when we done, yuh dead to me,” she continued. 

The topic arose from Bling’s ‘question and answer’ live, where she invited fans to ask three questions about her life. Cham, who described himself as a fan while speaking to the singer, did not waste any time in satisfying his curiosity, and first asked Bling about her favourite sexual position.

Vanessa skillfully dodged the question about her favourite sex position

Bling, seemingly uncomfortable with the question, provided more family history than a straight answer.

“When I’m with somebody, mi with somebody.”

— Vanessa Bling

“My grandmother, she always have me inna church dress, long socks and sneakers,” Bling said. “When my grandmother go a foreign sometimes mi wonder if nuh clothes nuh deh a foreign but mi love har cause she mold me into the person that I am today. I’m saying that to say this, I really don’t like that question.”

Cham replied, “But you said we can call and ask you any question.”

Bling didn’t yield, and went on to answer his other questions, including details on her skincare routine.

“I use tumeric, I use a tip of tea tree oil, I use honey and then I put some lime in it or if mi have lemon, then mi spin it round then mi tek a clean makeup brush and apply it to my skin,” she said. “After mi rinse it off with warm water, mi apply a little witch hazel on the cotton and wipe mi skin. After that mi put on mi eczema cream and yuh know, di good skin dem.”

Bling was very generous when sharing her skincare routine

It was then Cham’s turn to bake under the spotlight, as Bling asked him to sing his dancehall hit, Ghetto Story. He honoured her request, but reminded her that she wasn’t quite off the hook.

“Listen mi, one a dem night ya yuh need fi tell me the answer to mi first question. But until then, love you pretty. Keep doing what you do and hail up your granny.”