One1Can gets lawyer to fight Miss Kitty’s defamation lawsuit

Media personality Miss Kitty (left) One1Can (right)

Aspiring dancehall singer Milton Wray known as One1Can has retained his lawyer to fight the defamation lawsuit being brought against him by media personality Khadine “Miss Kitty Hylton.

Last Friday, Miss Kitty gave One1Can until 4:30 PM to apologize over claims he made in a widely circulated article that he had dated her in the past.

In a letter sent to One1Can and obtained by local media, lawyers representing Miss Kitty said the claims made by One1Can were defamatory.

“The entire story of a date with our client is a total fabrication by you, an attention-seeking gimmick you aimed at attaching yourself to our client’s name, goodwill, popularity, her successful brand and seeking to exploit or gain access to her audience, fans and supporters including her followers (cumulatively, in excess of one million persons) on various social media platforms,” the letter addressed to One1Can said.

But instead of apologizing, One1Can has decided to fight it out in court. He has retained the services of popular lawyer, Christopher Townsend and is standing by his statements.

“I stand firmly, strongly, and resolutely behind every word. I will not equivocate, and no amount of threats about lawsuits is going to censor me or frighten me. I am a student of the laws of libel, slander, and defamation,” he told local media.

“I have retained Christopher Townsend because he is one of the most astute legal minds in our country and I value his legal opinion in these matters.”