Only one thing could get Usain Bolt out of retirement

Usain Bolt

After dominating the track since 2008, sprint legend Usain Bolt retired in 2017 at 31-years-old after competing at the World Championships in London.

Since then, Bolt has stayed in the professional sports world, but on a soccer field instead. He joined the Australian soccer club Central Coast Mariner in August 2018 and stayed for two months before leaving the team in November that same year.

After that, he went on to pursue business ventures, and now has the new role of a father after he and his long time girlfriend, Kasi Bennett welcomed their daughter, Olympia Lightning Bolt in May this year.

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Usain Bolt with coach, Glen Mills

And while Bolt has no immediate plans to return to the track, one thing could change that. “If my coach came back and told me, ‘Let’s do this,’ I will because I believe so much in my coach,” says Bolt. “So, I know if he says, ‘We’re gonna do this,’ I know it’s possible,” he said on Variety After-Show.

So, what do you say coach Mills?