Overwhelmed by the love: Dalton Harris speaks after coming out as pansexual

Dalton Harris

Jamaican singer, Dalton Harris satisfied the curiosity of many who questioned his sexuality when he came out as pansexual on Friday (October 16).

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And now, the 2018 X Factor winner is embracing all the support and love he has received since.

“I am overwhelmed by the love. For those that experience similar challenges and reached out keep fighting and thank you for being here and continuing to hang in there,” he said on Instagram.

“It all leads back to LOVE. And it starts with ME.”

Harris shared that he was also quite pleased that he was able to bring awareness to pansexuality in Jamaica.

“The term ‘Pansexual” was googled a record amount of times in Jamaica. Always good to help educate & spread awareness & acceptance,” he said.

Harris was accused of being gay when a photo surfaced with the Jamaican sitting in the lap of fellow male X Factor contestant Brendan Murray.

But he has always kept quiet about the issue, often stating that his sexuality is a private matter.