Pamputtae explores the effects of infidelity on women in Heavy Gold Digga single

Dancehall Artiste Pamputtae is endorsing the idea of women punishing unfaithful men through their pockets, with her new single ‘Heavy Gold Digga’.

Written by Pamputtae and Artiste, Producer and Songwriter Esco, Heavy Gold Digga talks about women refusing to take consistent disrespect from their male partners, who continually cheat unapologetically.

“There is a saying that who can’t hear must feel. When you are good to a man and he can’t stop his gyallis lifestyle then it’s understandable when we switch from being the good girlfriend to a heavy gold digger,” Pamputtae explained

Pamputtae shared that she had been in relationships with unfaithful men and believes other women can relate to this situation.

According to the Dancehall Artiste, it is time for men to realise that women are hurt by their infidelity and the best way to return the hurt is through their pockets.

“If you have a good woman and you are hurting her with all these outside relationships, she may not leave you physically but emotionally she gone and a just money she start defend and it’s all your fault, you need to value a good woman,” Pamputae added

The Heavy Gold Digga single has  already been receiving appreciation from fans worldwide since its premiere and is increasing in daily rotation on Jamaican and international radio.

Pamputtae, whose real name is Eveana Henry, rose to stardom with the single Goody Good in 2010 and has been on the rise since. She later collaborated with colleague Spice in 2012 for Slim vs Fluffy’ .

Pamputae, who is working with  DJ Treasure, is looking to drop the visuals for the Heavy Gold Digga single in a few weeks.