Partygoers gear up for iLove Soca

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(photo: visit Jamaica)

Prime Minister of Jamaica, Andrew Holness announced more relaxed COVID-19 measures under the Disaster Risk Management Act on Tuesday  (June 22) and immediately the organizers of ILoveSoca Jamaica dropped a teaser putting fans on guard for a staging of the celebrated event in July 2021.

iLoveSoca Jamaica announced that they’ll be hosting their Cooler Festival in Kingston. But an exact location and date of the fete has not yet been announced.

This may be due to the on-going discussions between the government and industry players as they work out the details of the much anticipated reopening of the entertainment sector.

Excited about the green light given for parties, the event’s organizers saw it fit to prep fans for what should be an amazing event. 

The graphics for the event includes a symbolic broken chain and padlock, with caption “YUH DONE KNO”. Also you in clear sight is a discarded ‘Sorry We Are Closed’ sign to signal the freedom to execute the event. The organizers were also sure to include the COVID-19 safety requirements on the graphic. 

Since the less than 24-hours post, there has been an excited clamour from fans. One iLove Soca fan commented “no sah as it touch down” while another remarked “please hurry and tell me the price, I’m ready”.

The local entertainment sector has taken a major hit as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The industry, which is highly dependent on social gathering and crowded venues to churn a profit has been inactive for quite some time, of course excluding reports of the illegal parties that have circulated in the media. 

However persons are hopeful that the recent amendments will lead to a revival of the industry especially in relation to jobs and revenue generation.

Prime Minister Holness indicated that the government is reminding persons to observe the CODID-19 prevention protocols to ensure that the amendments do not lead to a third wave of the virus in the country.

“The risks of a third wave remain ever present.  Whether or not it materializes is up to all of us. If we all take personal responsibility to observe the infection prevention and control protocols that have been proven to work, we will avoid it” he remarked in Parliament on Tuesday.