Pass or Praise? The best (and worst) dressed at the 2020 Grammy Awards

Los Angeles’ STAPLES Center took the spotlight once again as the 62nd Grammy Awards was nothing short of ‘interesting’.

Imagine having your greatest spectacle in the shadow of Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna’s death?

It takes guts (and millions already spent), I must say.

The red carpet was the scene of many a fashion statement (and mistake) on Sunday, January 26, and BUZZ fam, you already know the deal.

I had a dream, from the four-edged safety of my work cubicle, that the outfits from music’s biggest night are about to get dragged…

It’s Pass or Praise, the Grammy edition. Joan Rivers, I hope I make you proud!

Guapdad 4000: PASSSSSS


Ay yo, Rapunzel, let down your durag!

*snickers* Okay, I’m sorry for the pass (well not really) but I must say, I’m heavily disturbed and not impressed by that flowing durag. The suit, the white Timbs and that ten-foot durag train, *squints judgingly* you’re from New York, aren’t you?


Cultural appropriation, I hope New Yorkers sue. Next!


(Photo: Tom + Lorenzo)

When Doja Cat said Hot Pink, 🗣️ THIS IS 🗣️ WHAT 🗣️ SHE MEANT🗣️ !

You can soothe my fashion indigestion anytime, you tall Pepto-Bismol. And that harness? *shudders*

That custom-studded Versace is just – I couldn’t be prouder of the gay yeehaw agenda. Watching the religious zealots and racist country folk froth at the mouth was very satisfying.

Billie Eilish: Pra- No. PASS

(Photo: Yahoo!)

Custom, lime green and black Gucci from head-to-toe. *winces* I mean, I wanna like it, but somehow, I feel I’ve seen you in this before.

Nerdy doesn’t always mean fashion-forward, and I make no apologies.

Congrats on your Grammy sweep though!



Such a vision, Lizzo.

I’m here for all dat bawdy! Looking absolutely regal in a custom Versace dress embroidered with Swarovski crystals, Lizzo came to step on NECKS.

Don’t let up on us, Lizzo, we can take it!

Shaun Ross: PASS


Shaun, I’m disappointed. You being a model should’ve granted you the foresight to know pushing the envelope is NOT always the best idea.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love the attention to detail and it takes balls to stay dedicated to a pearl-encrusted coat and matching boots. I just think the ocean would have benefitted from you not pilfering its resources.

I already forgive you, luv.

Tyler the Creator: PASS

(Photo: The Wrap)

What in the Suite Life of Zach and Cody is this, Tyler?

So, you just gonna wear a bellboy suit to the Grammys in a bellboy suit for the red carpet in a bellboy suit for the Grammys?

*throws my chandelier at you*

So disrespectful.

Koffee: PRAISE!


Jamaica’s history-making young reggae superstar looked heartwarmingly comfortable in a black-and-white suit. That Grammy award does make that outfit pop, wouldn’t you say?

PS: Koffee, stay as pure as you are.

Billy Porter: PRAISE

(Photo: E! Online)

*tears up*

I swear, every single time I see you, you never cease to amaze me.

Channelling fierce introverted realness, Billy stepped out in a turquoise-coloured, crystal-encrusted jumpsuit with silver fringes from Baja East. That automated fringe curtain that opens and closes with the touch of a button – a task delegated to Porter’s assistant – is GOALS. Brava.

Bebe Rexha: PRAISE

(Photo: New York Post)

And the award for ‘comfiest glam’ goes to…

Bebe, this custom Christian Cowan take on the classic tux does much for the eyes – all while staying sparkly, sexy and ♬♬I don’t need anything to keep me satisfied♬♬!

Those breathing-room, comfort pants are to die for. Come thru, ma!

Gwen Stefani: PASS

(Photo: Red Carpet Fashion Awards)

I mean, on one hand, you know what you like, and I can’t drag you for that.

On the other hand, you better take this drag!

How dare you subject me to a dress variation I’ve seen from you a MILLION times?!

I’m offended and Dolce & Gabbana normally does the opposite for me.

It’s okay-ish but nothing to write home about. But if you and Blake Shelton are happy, who am I to care?

Lana Del Rey: PASS.

(Photo?: Harper’s BAZAAR)

Look what you made me do, Lana?

Just look!!

I demand an apology, for the sole reason of being unable to unsee this fashion nightmare. Sparkly but unremarkable.

Please don’t misunderstand, I’m happy you were happy to just hop to a mall and buy a dress, but did it HAVE TO be so ugly?

Grammy-time madness but hey. *shrugs*

FKA Twigs: Puh-RAISE!!


*convulses fashionably*

This is what I expect from my favourite British artiste. Serving all the DRAMA and I love it!

Strutting in an Ed Marler ensemble and giving me a sexy, gothic Red Riding Hood meets Savage x Fenty vibe – there’s so much happening but only you could pull it off.

Ariana Grande: PRAISE


You just had to know at least someone would rock a proper ballgown to the Grammys and I’m so glad it was my forever ponytail princess!

My QUEEN of extra, parading in a huge-skirted Giambattista Valli number, served fairy-tale fantasy with a smoky ombre undertone.

But wait! There more… Who said you needed to wear just one outfit to music’s biggest night?

She came back out onto the red carpet in a massive grey Schiaparelli ballgown.


Whew! My edges have been claimed…onto the Oscars!