Peter Tosh’s family files lawsuit after death of son, Jawara

The family of reggae icon Peter Tosh has filed a lawsuit against a US jail for the death of Tosh’s son, Jawara McIntosh, on Friday (July 17).

The late reggae icon Peter Tosh’s son was beaten in jail, leading to serious injuries.

The lawsuit was filed against the Bergen County Jail where Mcintosh was serving the final six months of a one-year sentence after being incarcerated for marijuana possession.

According to the family, the jail failed to protect McIntosh who died almost two years after he had been beaten at the jailhouse by a fellow inmate.

Reports are that on February 21, 2017, McIntosh who was attacked by inmate Kyrie Charon Baum at the jail.

Following the incident, he had been in a coma with medical reports suggesting traumatic brain injury.

According to his family, to date they have not seen the full report on what happened to Jawara, noting that they had only received a brief report, characterised by a single paragraph on the matter.

Jawara McIntosh, 40, son of reggae great Peter Tosh.

McIntosh’s sister, Niambe McIntosh, who spoke to Rolling Stones magazine in 2017, said following the attack Jawara had been unable to speak or move with intent.

Niambe has since launched a petition seeking an investigation by the US Department of Justice into the incident.