Piers Morgan dragged for ‘disturbing obsession’ with Meghan Markle, Prince Harry

Seasoned British broadcaster Pier Morgan can’t seem to stay out of controversy on social media, as the veteran journalist is coming under fire for an article where he claims the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are not leaving the royal family due to racism.

Morgan’s column, published in the Daily Mail on Monday (Jan. 13), slammed Meghan Markle and her husband Prince Harry for ‘disrespecting the crown’, and further surmised that the couple doesn’gt want to leave the royal family, they want out of the “boring bits”.

“Yes, poor downtrodden vulnerable innocent Meghan and Harry have been suffering the full gamut of victimhood issues, as befits the most woke, over-sensitive, woe-is-me couple in the world,” Morgan began.

“That’s why they want to get off the royal train, we’re told. Except they don’t want to get off it at all. They just want to get off the boring bits,” he continued.

In his eyes, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex “still want to be royal stars, they still want British taxpayers to fund a lot of their luxury lifestyles, and they still want to parade around the world as global celebrities trading off their royal titles.”

Morgan’s vitriol bit into the embattled couple, as he fumed at the ‘disrespectful’ way Queen Elizabeth has been treated in the ongoing saga, calling Markle’s claim of bullying and racism by British media ‘ingenuine’.

“I’ve been watching this unedifying saga unfurl over the past few days with mounting fury. Predominantly, at the disgracefully disrespectful way the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are treating Her Majesty the Queen. How dare they try to lay down the law to our long-serving Monarch in this way? How dare they not inform her about their demands before telling the world?” Morgan asked.

“I’m also enraged by the specific growing narrative that the only reason Meghan’s been so harshly criticized by the media is because we’re all a bunch of racists living in a racist country. That’s just a downright lie. And a particularly nasty, disingenuous lie,” he added.

The verbal assault continued as he slammed the Sussex couple for their erratic conduct since the global phenomena that was the May 2018 wedding ceremony.

“I, and others working in the British media, have now been shamefully branded for daring to criticize Meghan for her erratic conduct – and Harry’s – since the wedding, which has been spectacularly ill-advised,” he explained.

“I don’t have any issue with Meghan Markle because of her skin color, or her gender. But I do have a lot of issues with the way she has behaved and treated people since marrying Harry, and with Harry too. As I have said many times, I’ve sadly come to the conclusion Meghan’s a selfish, ruthless social climber who’s spent her life using and dropping people, and is now doing it to the royals,” Morgan explained.

“I also think Harry’s become a weak, whiny, miserable, entitled parody of the fun-loving army prince we all loved,” he added.

The rant stuck out like a nasty stain for Twitter users, who in turn, dragged Morgan for being as racist, sexist and intolerant as he claims not to be.