Piggy’s Jerk Centre reopens with support from James Bond

After being out of business for nearly two years, Popular Port Antonio eatery Piggy’s Jerk Centre has reopened its doors to the public.

The reopening was made possible with the support of British actor Daniel Craig, who plays the infamous British spy James Bond.

Piggy’s went up in flames in November 2019, leaving the owner Eustas ‘Piggy’ Lindsay and his 15 employees distraught and contemplating their next move.

Craig and other members of the 007 team were in Jamaica at the time of the fire. Reports are that while filming the latest James Bond installation No Time To Die, Piggy’s became a favourite spot for the cast and the crew, and they became nightly visitors to the location.

When the building went up in flames shortly thereafter, destroying several refrigerators, stoves, among other equipment, a member of the 007 team started a GoFundMe page on behalf of the affected business.

Daniel Craig himself donated £400 towards the effort, while production company Eon Productions, the entity which produces the films, donated £1000 pounds. The campaign eventually raised £35,000 (about seven million Jamaican dollars) which have since been used to rebuild and reopen the establishment.