Pink Riddim is oversubscribed; Spice, Shenseea among the only exceptions

Despite more female artistes looking to get on to the Pink rhythm (riddim), producer Delomar says it’s full with no space to accommodate anyone else.

Producer Delomar says the ‘Pink Riddim’ is full, and only dancehall heavyweights will be considered for addition.

The former singjay turned producer, who represents one half of the duo RDX, said that an exception would only be made for dancehall heavyweights such as, Spice, Shenseea or Jada Kingdom. 

“It is not open unless it is a Spice, a Shenseea, or a Jada Kingdom and I am just being really blunt and honest,” said Delomar. 

“Really and truly I couldn’t put them all on the riddim.”

– Delomar

“They are the only ones that can help the riddim to get bigger than what it is right now,” he added.

According to the producer, the all-female riddim was only intended to accommodate ten acts, however, he went over his limit with the addition of Yanique ‘Curvy Diva’.

“Deejays are telling me yow, why so much artiste, it hard to play eleven artistes — it is going to go flat,” Delomar told BUZZ.

Despite the feedback from deejays, Delomar revealed that he’s being bombarded by female artistes hoping to hop on the project. 

“Now, I am bombarded by a lot of female artistes saying to me how come they never get on the riddim,” Delomar said 

“Really and truly I couldn’t put them all on the riddim,” he added.

According to the producer the project and its reception has given him a new perspective as he admitted that he was shocked by the number of female talent in the space.

He further said given the demand, he is considering putting out a sequel in which he will accommodate more female acts and the much-talked about emerging artiste, namely Shaneil Muir.