Please help: Romeich recruiting more people to donate tablets to needy kids

Dancehall artistes Shenseea and Ding Dong have already donated dozens of tablets to needy kids, but their manager, Romeich Major, is on a drive to get more people to give back.

Romeich Major

On Thursday, Shenseea donated 100 tablets to children who need the devices in order to participate in online classes during the coronavirus pandemic. And the week before that, Ding Dong gave away several Kindle tablets to children from Nannyville, the community he grew up in.

Following Shenseea’s donation on Thursday, Romeich took to Instagram, appealing to other people to help him contribute more devices.

He explained that the 100 tablets from Shenseea were finished in three hours. He said that he has given away at least 70 devices previously and that there were also sizeable donations from Ding Dong and Lava Sound.

However, many kids are still in need, he said.

“My jamaican families are indeed need of help to better their children education so anyone willing help just reach out to me and I will gladly make it happen… we all can combine together so we can continue this trend and help the families of jamaica,” he said in an Instagram post on Thursday.

In the accompanying video, he said: “Me a reach out because mi see mi DM full and mi know mi have whole heap a good friend and whole heap a business people who willing fi help. Mi a reach out to all a di people dem weh know mi weh mi know seh unuh financial and unuh can help fi even buy two two tablet and help give dem people ya a Jamaican so we can give back even a next hundred tablet.”