Popcaan wants mom to promote his album at church

Dancehall artiste Popcaan with his mom, Miss Rhona

Popcaan’s latest album Fixtape has achieved a lot of success since its release three days ago, (August 7). But the Unruly Boss thinks it would probably be even more successful if his mom, Miss Rhona, helped to promote it at church.

In an IG Live, Popcaan tries to get his God-fearing mother to help him create more buzz around his album. “Mi fans dem, unnu tell dis woman ya fi go promote di tape inna church tomorrow nuh, when she reach deh!” Of course, Miss Rhona was not having it, and she quickly replies “All ah unnu need Jesus weh a guh talk now.”

Needless to say, the antics between these two is done all in good fun, and it’s become something that a lot of us have come to adore.

At one point during the live Ms Rhona playfully asks Popcaan why she wasn’t featured on the project, so she could tell all his fans that “Jesus is coming soon”. Popcaan allows her comment to slide and goes on to deejay a line he thinks would impress her congregation. “Gyal come look fi di money, and pitch/ Tun a Christian gyal inna bad b***ch. Miss Rhona was not having it and shoved him away.

As usual, Popcaan offers his mom a puff off of his spliff, which only served to irritate her more.

After Miss Rhona refuses his endorsement request, Popcaan tells his fans; “Dis woman inna trouble enuh, cah she nah do di right ting” But Miss Rhona was quick with the retort. “Ah yu nah do di right ting, you need to give your life to Jesus, yuh stay deh. It look like you nuh see seh di worl change.”