Popcaan blasts public for “crucifying” Shaggy over concert funds

Dancehall heavyweights Popcaan and Shaggy

International Dancehall superstar Popcaan has expressed disappointment at how fellow entertainer Orville ‘Shaggy’ Burrell is being treated around the $100+ million collected on behalf of the Bustamante Children’s Hospital.

Popcaan, who took to Instagram on Wednesday night, said that he doesn’t appreciate the way Shaggy was being labelled as disingenuous following reports that funds from the Shaggy and Friends Benefit Concert in 2018 were yet to be handed over to the hospital.

Shaggy addressing a press conference on Tuesday at the Bustamante Hospital for Children, on the status of the $112 million collected from his 2018 Shaggy & Friends charity concert (Photo: Dennis Brown)

“Shaggy put him life pon di line enuh…and seh him a keep a show fi unno enuh. Fi Bustamante Children’s Hospital enuh! Even me myself go perform deh enuh and a unno same one a crucify Shaggy seh him tief $100 million enuh!” Popcaan stated.

The ‘Forever’ deejay asked Shaggy’s detractors, “How unno deadly suh, eeh?”

‘Unno a go crucify Shaggy fi di $100 million?’ – Popcaan

Popcaan’s post comes as Shaggy’s Make A Difference Foundation called a press conference earlier this week, to publicly state that the $112 million collected for the Bustamante Children’s Hospital was still accounted for.

He asked, that in light of the hurtful comments, are some Jamaicans making a case for no more charity concerts to be held for the children’s hospital?

“So weh unno a tell me, nuh more charity show nuffi keep yah again!?” Popcaan argued.

The Dancehall star batted in defence of Shaggy questioning why it would seem some Jamaicans were out to tarnish his career and crucify the Grammy-award winner.

“Unno one fi get it so and ago crucify Mr Boombastic? Unno ago crucify Sebastian The Crab fi $100 million?” Popcaan said.

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Disney sought answers from Shaggy on charity funds…

Leading up to his portrayal of Sebastian the Crab in The Little Mermaid Live! show, Shaggy told members of the press that he was called in by Disney executives to answer questions around his relationship with the Bustamante Hospital for Children.

The conference was called as Shaggy felt full transparency was owed to the people of Jamaica, and most importantly the beneficiaries, the children, on the status of the millions his Make A Difference Foundation had collected on behalf of the hospital from the 2018 staging of the Shaggy and Friends concert.

“Now we have the money, this [press conference] is us letting you know that money has been in the account. We never touched the money. Wi neva carry it nuhweh. The money has been there the whole time; it’s earmarked for an ICU [and] we will be turning it over to the Bustamante Hospital for Children,” he explained.