Popcaan catches flak for ignoring social media sensation, Queenie in UK

Dancehall artiste Popcaan

Dancehall artiste Popcaan is currently in the UK touring and got some unwanted attention while at an event on Friday night. Social media sensation Queenie was also at the event and decided to accost the Unruly Boss, but Popcaan wasn’t in the mood.

Hey man a yuh dis?” Hey St Thomas man, she said as she grabbed his arm. Popcaan quickly shrugged her off and Queenie took offense.

“A di first mi meet yuh inna real Popcaan, calm down,” she said as Popcaan walked away. “Wow”, the social media entertainer then said to the camera.

But it appears that Queenie did not fully process what happened at the party, and later made a series of videos to express her anger and disappointment at Popcaan for his reaction to her.

“Popcaan yuh can f**k off. Unruly Popcaan afta mi see yuh and seh ‘hey St Thomas man wah happen a di Queen dis’ you a come insult mi and a walk off, f**k off,” she said while pointing her middle finger to the camera.

In another video, Queenie blasted those who thought she had no right to be upset with the ‘Unruly Boss’.

“Yuh know di advantage mi have inna life? she asked. Mi seh girl power, mi seh pu**y power, mia artiste, mia Queen, mi a wife. Mi do hosting, mi do counselling, mi do entertaining, mi all purpose, and mi nuh disrespectful mi very jovial. So if you are somebody and you are well recognized and I am someone and I come to you and seh ‘Wah gwaan St Thomas man’, and ya come give mi bloodcl**t attitude.

Despite his reaction to her being the number one trending topic on Twitter, Popcaan remains unbothered. He released another collab with reggae veteran and Beres Hammond.

“More life to this genuine, talented and respectful human!!! I will always have love and respect for you uncle B. #Livinglegend value to our industry and culture we appreciate you @bereshammond here’s another banger from me and the great 🙏🏿,” he posted with along with a snippet of the video.

He also released a collab with Bella Shmurda and encouraged fans to go stream it.