Popcaan commended for hosting ‘dream’ event in St Thomas

Dancehall artiste Popcaan performing at Unruly Fest on Saturday.

Twelve years ago when the word ‘Popcaan’ was just the colloquial reference for a movie snack, aspiring superstar Andre Sutherland told his friends he wanted to host a big show in St Thomas where he was raised.

“It was just an idea and dream he had from before him even have two good hit songs.”

— Notnice

Billboard producer Notnice was among the friends and admitted they would laugh.

“When mi just know him and him seh one day him a go keep a big show a St Thomas and him a go mek everybody lef’ come to St Thomas, we just laugh. It was just an idea and dream he had from before him even have two good hit songs,” Notnice told BUZZ

Notnice says it has always been Popcaan’s dream to host an event in St Thomas.

“He envisioned all of this, and fi actually see it happen 12 years later…it’s like him set the goal and work towards it, and now this a di fruit of him hardwork. Mi proud of him. Mi tell him all the while, and mi nuh know if him tired fi hear it, but me tell him same way.”

Contributing to his parish

The producer was among several high-profile players of the entertainment industry who attended the second staging of Popcaan’s Unruly Fest in St Thomas on Saturday night. Just like Notnice, longtime collaborator Dre Skull was keen on supporting his friend and flew to Jamaica for the event.

“I was here last year as well and I think it’s amazing that he puts this together,” the Mixpak Records producer said. “It seems like he’s bringing something that, to my knowledge, no other artiste is doing something like this now, so it’s good energy and I’m excited to see it grow.”

Capleton lauded Popcaan for contributing to his parish.

Capleton, who performed at the event, lauded the artiste for contributing to his parish by hosting the show. Capleton also orchestrates his own annual concert in his home parish of St Mary. Iba Mahr, who hosts an event in St Catherine, was also at Unruly Fest.

Giving back

Singjay D’Angel recently embarked on her own initiative, Spread A Little Love, in Spanish Town, St Catherine where she spent her formative years. She, too, commended Poppy.

“It’s a good thing once you can contribute to your parish. It’s always good to give back to where you’re from else you’re not gonna be real to where you’re from,” she said. “I embrace what Popcaan is doing a lot. That’s why I’m here tonight.”

Dancehall artiste D’Angel is happy that Popcaan has been contributing to his parish.

It was ‘Sauce boss’ Kemar Highcon’s first time in St Thomas, and he thanked Popcaan for the opportunity.

“This event is a good thing,” he said. “I feel like people are getting to know me still. Everybody in Kingston supposed to know me, and now through this event, I’m in the country where people here can get to know me.”