Popcaan, Notnice fallout over money?

Producer Notnice

It seems like only yesterday when producer Notnice was chilling backstage at Popcaan’s Unruly Fest concert, while Jafrass was lighting up the stage as part of the Unruly camp.

This family portrait was destroyed over the Easter weekend, when Notnice took to Instagram to declare that he and Popcaan are no longer friends. *All dem a pretend seh everything good and all who a link and who nah link, yeah, me and dem is no friend, me and ‘Unruly’ a nuh friend… Unruly a do dem ting and me a do my ting.”

The two have come a long way, from Notnice producing Popcaan’s first hit, Dream, in 2010, to even producing a song on Popcaan’s 2019 Vanquish EP. Notnice also fathers a child with Popcaan’s sister, Unruly Squid.

So how did it get to this point?

“Jafrass never signed to Unruly (Entertainment) none at all, that was the problem, that was the big problem,” Notnice said vaguely. “Popcaan a pu**y, tell him seh me seh dat,” he later added.

Popcaan performing at Unruly Fest last year.

Popcaan is usually one to dodge drama on social media, but the Unruly Boss took to Instagram live hours later to declare he was never upset that Jafrass did not sign to his label. “Why mi woulda tek up artiste and a carry dem pon plane wid mi weh no sign to Unruly? A pu**y do dem ting deh?” Popcaan asked. “If mi did a run dung money and a run dung dis and dat, mi woulda tek up man and a give dem so much strength and mek dem a rep Unruly and mi know fi a fact seh dem is not signed to mi label?”

He claimed money is at the root of the fallout, which started after they returned from his London tour. “That is a tour weh mi keep off mi own, is not like a promoter book me, a me do dat, me and Mini dem,” he said. “Normally when we get book fi show mi woulda run money pon man cause promoter done book show already. No, mi wouldn’t do dat cause dis was a different ting. It was a case where mi keep di ting off mi own so di money nah go forward in as quick as it woulda forward in when a promoter book mi.”

He added: “Di man forward a Jamaica and start stay wide, a pree mi fi money dawg. Why yuh nuh tell di people dem dat? Seh a dat first yuh start pree mi fah. And when mi call yuh a seh to link up a di studio yuh nah link mi and a different man haffi tell me seh a dat mek yuh nah link mi cause me and you go a London and mi nuh give yuh nuh money. Bredda, a suh unno move youth? Money is not all enuh killy…money is not all.”

He also claimed the fallout with Gaza Empire affiliate Jah Vinci also stemmed from money.