Popcaan receives backlash for posing with a wad of cash

Dancehall artiste Popcaan

Dancehall artiste Popcaan came through with some motivation for his fans recently, posting a photo of himself with a wad of US dollars.

“Money the next best ting COVID or not billions Affi stack!!! #UNRULY,” he said.

The video soon made its rounds on social media, and some people weren’t feeling Popcaan’s method of motivation. One person shared that the Family artiste was being a little bit insensitive given the hardships that many are facing due to COVID-19.

“I’m happy for people’s success and I wish everyone could be successful. But in these times where there are so much uncertainty and so many people who lost their jobs due to this virus, I think this video was insensitive and uncalled for. I would have appreciated it more if it was just him dropping an encouraging word, full stop,” someone commented.

“Feed the dogs dem, help out your community and your blessings will grow,” another said.

Meanwhile, another person thought that this was a very ‘UnJamaican’ thing to do.

“I thought only farin niggas do this,” someone said.

“Niggaz that do stuff like this is is corney,” another added.

But, there were some people who felt motivated to go out and make their millions, just like the ‘Unruly Boss’.

“Yuh really a motivate mi fi chop,” someone said.