Popcaan says he feels targetted by St Thomas police

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Dancehall artiste Popcaan

Dancehall artiste Popcaan has responded to news circulating that he’s being prosecuted for multiple breaches under the Road Traffic Act.

And he apparently does not see what the huge commotion is all about. The ‘Unruly Boss’ took to his Instagram stories to share his feelings on the whole situation, and revealed that all he got were some traffic tickets.

“Give man a few tickets and a try use it mek news 🤔f**king weirdos 😂😂😂 hope uno get promotion,” he wrote.

Not only that, Popcaan believes he’s being targetted by the St Thomas police, and because of this, he says he will be avoiding his native parish.

“Not even feel like me a keep unruly fest a st thomas again!!! Why am i being targeted by st thomas police? In every move i make!! Me really tired a unu, and me ago just breeze ST Thomas for my own good, hope my people will see things from side. Peace and love,” he tweeted.

Popcaan’s annual Unruly Fest is a huge revenue earner for the parish of St Thomas which is often dubbed “the forgotten parish”.

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According to local media, Popcaan whose given name is Andre Sutherland was slapped with multiple breaches of the Road Traffic Act while travelling from St Thomas on Sunday. The police reportedly acted on intelligence.

These breaches included; driving an unlicensed motorcycle, driving without insurance coverage, having no valid certificate of fitness, having no registration plate affixed, driving without a helmet, driving with no side-view mirror, and failing to produce a driver’s license.

He is to appear before the Yallahs Traffic Court on June 3, 2021.