Popcaan shares photo with dad on Father’s Day

While Jamaican fathers don’t get as much love on their special day as Jamaican mothers do, one dancehall entertainer is balancing the scales.

Popcaan shared this photo with his dad for Father’s Day.

Popcaan was sure to send Father’s Day greetings to his dad affectionately known as “Shaggy” bright and early on Sunday (June 21).

Popcaan hopped on to Instagram (IG) where he shared a photo of himself with his father.

Popcaan used the occasion to say, “Happy Father’s Day”, referring to his dad as his “G” and also making sure to tag him in the post.

Popcaan’s father, ‘Skully’, as Drake calls him.

Canadian rapper Drake, who is also a new dad, commented on the post also sharing a Father’s Day message for Popcaan’s dad who he affectionately called “Skully”. 

“Happy Father’s Day Skully, “said Drake on IG.

Popcaan is also celebrating the day for more personal reasons, as the deejay is the father of a daughter.