Popcaan shares rare photo of dad

Popcaan shared a throwback photo on his Instagram of his father recently

While we are often treated to many photos and videos of dancehall artiste Popcaan, and his mom he affectionately calls ‘Miss Rhona’, we rarely if ever get to see a picture of his dad.

Well, the Family singer changed that recently by posting a throwback photo of his father. In what appeared to be a street dance, Popcaan’s father who he calls ‘Father Shaq is deejaying at the dance.

Popcaan told fans that he couldn’t do anything other than music as it is ‘in his blood’. “This remind me say music ina me blood from morning😊salute my G✊🏿,” he captioned the picture.

And his fans, happy that he choose to walk in his destiny, agreed with the Firm and Strong artiste.

“Greatness inna the family yo born fi it,” one fan commented.

“You did haffi dweet,” another said.

“Music inna DNA,” one person wrote.