Popcaan to release ‘Fixtape’ documentary

It’s only been three weeks since Popcaan released Fixtape but a follow-up to the 19-track project is already in the making.

A documentary for Popcaan’s ‘Fixtape’ is in the works following the release of the album three weeks ago.

A documentary-style project, which chronicles the making of the well-received album, is in development, according to producer and Fixtape collaborator Creep Chromatic.

In an interview with The Fader, Chromatic said there are two previews in which “you can see snippets of a more in-depth look at the whole St Thomas experience” including “from hanging out by the river, the creation of the mixtape, visuals from when featured artistes did a voice… just an insight into the whole process.”

Popcaan and Chromatic gave details into how the five-year journey to making Fixtape culminated with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic which gave both of them time away from the respective busy schedules to retreat to St Thomas and see it to the end.

“We started in 2015, got a couple songs done, and months down the line we got some more done, so it was always pitch-patch,” Chromatic said. “The hidden blessing of lockdown was that we had all the time in the world, so we went to St Thomas and got it all done.”

Regarding his album, Popcaan told the magazine “I want people to appreciate the dynamism of dancehall music. It doesn’t have to be one particular sound to be considered dancehall. Also, I want to encourage more international collaborations which will incorporate the fusing of various genres.”