Popcaan vents in Jungle Justice Pt. 2

Popcaan-Dancehall artiste-BUZZ Caribbean

Dancehall artiste Popcaan has once again lashed out against men who abuse and murder women and children in his track ‘Jungle Justice (Part Twice)’.

The Unruly Boss was in a foul mood following the news of the gruesome death of 20-year-old accounting clerk Khanice Jackson, whose body was found on a beach in Portmore two days after being abducted last Wednesday. A 50-year-old mechanic has since confessed to the crime.

This led the OVO Sound signee to express his feelings about the matter the best way he knows how — through his music, in part two to a track that he had released in 2017 calling for ‘jungle justice’ when men abuse and kill women and girls.

Staying true to the message of the original track, Popcaan did not hold back in declaring that rapists, paedophiles and men who carry out other abhorrent acts against women and children should be killed.

“Any bwoy rape gal a dead dem fi dead, one thousand killy a go chop out you head, shallow grave dem a go inna dem don’t need nuh head, bun up dem kin like fish head” he sings, showing his disdain for persons who do these acts.

While Popcaan’s views may seem extreme to some, he has been getting support on social media. Fellow industry players have been showing support for the track on Instagram. Frequent collaborator Dre Island commented “Without apology. All a dem and them nasty dutty friend who a hide and a support rapist fi dead to. Zero tolerance. Shub them out now!!!! Don’t wait until it reaches your doorstep”.

Tanya Stephens wrote “Mi love it and mi bl—dc—t able” while Devin Di Dakta also showed his support with “Dead dem fi dead”.

Khanice Jackson’s murder, which occured just weeks after the anniversary of visually impaired university student Jasmine Deen’s disappearance, has stirred national outrage, as Jamaicans demand more from the authorities to protect women and children from men who prey on the vulnerable.