Popcaan’s sister wishes mom happy birthday

It is officially Miss Rhona Day!

Popcaan’s sister, Annalecia Sutherland, better known as “Unruly Squid” took to social media to wish her mom, Miss Rhona, a happy birthday.

Popcaan and UnrulySquid’s mother, Miss Rhona.

Sutherland shared birthday greetings for her mom on Instagram on Monday (June 29).

“Happy birthday mom, love you,” said Sutherland on Instagram.

Unruly Squid also shared a heart-warming video of her mom and her brother promoting her YouTube page. 

While,Miss Rhona, who is a staple in Popcan’s snaps on IG, initially took issue with Annalecia’s moniker – “Unruly Squid” noting that she never gave birth to anyone by such name, she relented to endorsing her daughter’s channel.  

Brother Popcaan also endorsed her Youtube channel, while sharing some advice on how she can be more authentic in her promotion of ‘Unrulysquid Lifestyle’.