Pornhub partners with German fashion brand for erotic video

An unlikely partnership has occurred.

Pornhub has teamed up with Berlin-based design house Namilia for a high-fashion pornographic video that is intended to promote sexual empowerment.

A few pieces from Namilia’s Herotica capsule collection. (Photo: Instagram – Namilia)

That’s really a first.

In a video that can be viewed on the websites of both companies, Pornhub talents are seen getting frisky in the ‘Pornhub x Namilia’ capsule collection, HEROTICA. In addition to undressing, the models are seen masturbating and performing other sexual acts.

According to Namilia, this partnership is a way to promote sexual empowerment.

“The cosmos of sexual pleasure has been restricted to a few boring and chauvinistic narratives for the pleasure of the male gaze, up until rather recently. Porn isn’t something existentially male, most women just have been previously excluded from determining the narrative,” the company said on its website.

The HEROTICA collection includes tracksuits with crystal embellishments, cropped tees, hoodies and dresses. Most of these items have the Pornhub logo printed on them, so you really can’t miss it.

Namilia and Pornhub started their partnership earlier this year when Pornhub stars walked in Namilia’s runway show for its spring/summer collection.