Possible new dancehall track from Rihanna

With months of sustained social media pressure from her fans on the launch of her new album, mega pop-star Rihanna relented in June with a behind-the-scenes post on her Instagram story.

Some fans were appeased by this, others still speculating if the star was merely teasing her very anxious fans.

On Friday, August 16, though, more news dropped about this upcoming album, with a fan page on Twitter – @Rihanna2, tweeting a photo of a registration for a new Rihanna song through her publishing company, BMI.

The song, titled, Private Loving, is expected to have a dancehall flavour, with Jamaican dancehall/reggae artiste Demarco, being listed in the song credits.

Jamaican Dancehall/Reggae artiste Demarco

Demarco, who recently signed a three-album deal with Akon’s Kon Live label, seemingly confirmed the existence of the song in a direct message from the fan page (see below). The artiste responded “Respect” to the note of congratulations by the sender.

Source: Twitter — @Rihanna2

This new track would potentially be listed among Rihanna’s impressive line-up of dancehall-inspired tracks including, Work and Rude Boy.

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