POSTPONED: St Lucia carnival put on hold amid COVID-19 concerns

The government of St. Lucia on Friday announced that Carnival 2020 has been postponed in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Carnival is a signature event in St Lucia and may be postponed this year due to coronavirus concerns. (Photo: Global Carnivalist)

In a release, the administration said the decision was made by taking into account the economic and public health implications associated with the virus.

“The Government of St Lucia held several consultations with representatives of the carnival community, regarding the best possible strategy for Carnival 2020.

“In so doing, the Government sought a broad consensus which would serve the best interests of the festival’s presenters, promoters, participants, producers and partners.”

Following discussions, the representatives agreed that with a highly unpredictable  global environment “nothing should be done which would compromise local efforts at containment.”

The issues that influenced the discussions included international travel restrictions, competing regional events and the availability of sponsorship support.