Power: Season 6 kicks off tonight, August 25

The Starz gangster drama, Power, which follows the exploits of James ‘Ghost’ St Patrick and his partner in crime, ‘Tommy’, is back for its final season on August 25.

(Photo: Starz.com)

Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson, serves as an executive producer on the cable show and is featured as Ghost’s nemesis up to the end of Season 5.

(Photo: Starz.com)

Power began airing on Starz on June 7, 2014. It tells the riveting story of James St Patrick – nightclub owner and successful business operator and family man, who lives a double life as a drug overlord with his childhood sweetheart (Angie) as his mistress.

‘Betrayal’ Trailer | Power Season 6 | STARZ

His trusted partner Tommy serves as his enforcer, and together they have to stay several steps ahead of law enforcement agencies and other drug operators. The show has proven to be a big hit in Jamaica.

(Photo: Starz.com)

Viewers look forward to the twists, turns and betrayals faced by the New York kingpin on the series when it is aired on weekends. When Power debuted in 2014, it drew only 460,000 viewers in the US. However, as many as 2.26 million viewers tuned in to catch the opening of Season 3 for the episode titled ‘Call Me James’.

In 2016, Power was the second most-watched series on cable (behind Game of Thrones) with more than 8 million viewers per episode via multiple platforms.

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Will it be missed when the curtains close on Season 6 or should the creators continue with this gangster chronicle?