‘Power’ star Rotimi has found love

Good day, ladies.

We have an announcement; Rotimi is no longer single.

Rotimi recently shared this photo of him and Vanessa Mdee on Instagram.

Rotimi, who is an actor in the Starz hit series Power, recently took to social media to show off his new belle, singer Vanessa Mdee.

A point to note is that the actor is considered quite the heartthrob, and we expect that a number of his female fans might be devastated upon hearing this news. However, we also expect them to be quite happy for the young couple.

Rotimi has Nigerian parentage.

Previously, Rotimi disclosed that he was not ready for a relationship, as he was focusing on his career – acting and singing – after ending a serious relationship some time before.

Interestingly, Rotimi, who has Nigerian parentage, has snagged a fellow African, as Vanessa hails from Tanzania.

Their romance probably would make a good script for Rotimi’s upcoming film Coming to America 2