Power theme song – epic fail?

The sixth and final season of Starz’s hit series, Power, aired last night.

With the theme: The Final Betrayal, fans were amped up for the hard-hitting, action-packed drama that the TV series has become known for.

However, before the first scene could even hit the screens, fans were left wondering if “The Final Betrayal” had already happened. The iconic theme song, “Big Rich Town” originally performed by R&B artist Joe had been remixed.

The show’s producers decided to start with a version sung by Trey Songz, featuring a verse from Bronx rapper A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie. And while this type of change isn’t unusual and most times even welcomed – Power fans are not having it.

It was a firestorm on social media about the showrunners’ decision to fix something that’s not broken.

Series co-creator and star 50 cent was quick to give his reply on social media – reminding fans that they weren’t quick to purchase albums with the previous track and that the song was done as a favour to him by Trey Songz.

For his part, the R&B crooner saw it as a joke posting “…Remember what I said when you first played it?!”

It’s now become a running joke among entertainers, with R&B vocalist submitting his “gospel jazz r&b version” for consideration. Are we seeing the start of a new social media challenge?

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