Pretty Pretty addresses trolls, says she’s not with I Waata

Dancer-cum-artist Pretty Pretty has avoided confirming the status of her relationship with deejay I Wataa until now. 

The PTR member declined to comment on the aforementioned, during a recent Onstage interview, but decided to air it all out yesterday, thanks to unending trolls. 

A photo of I Waata, his baby boy and the child’s mother has been making the rounds online and some folks have been tagging Pretty Pretty in the family photo. It’s messy because Pretty Pretty and I Waata were together since her early teens. She organised his birthday celebrations in December, before news broke that he had been fathering a child with another woman. 

Though I Waata has consistently referred to her as “fi mi Mimi” since then, Pretty Pretty has not publicly owned him and confirmed that they are not together.

“I will not take my phone and bring down anybody me stop dem things deh longtime and for all the fake pages sending me stuff about these people life and relationship like am here doing me stop calling my name with the ni**a we are not together in the name of Jesus and me know unu no blind it’s been 6 months now and unu still a torment me like unu wah me go live and class everybody and reveal some a unu,” she said in a lengthy Story post. 

It seemed she reached her breaking point because of a particular female she said has been cyber-harassing her with claims that I Waata is pursuing her aunt. 

“Weh that afi really do wid me now cause bun ago kill all a unu down there like a hell unu deh unu know a who that now member him reason fi second guess certain things gone.”

She added that she is not the first nor last woman to experience such a situation and does not need unsolicited advice from the public. 

“It’s funny how y’all rejoice over a woman’s pain I could never do that at the end of the day I’m also female and certain things me no entertain I choose not to talk about the situation because I don’t want my face all over YouTube and the media it’s annoying and embarrassing.”

Pretty Pretty had previously documented her feelings about the cyber-harassment she’s received because of the situation, in the track Social Media released in January.