Prime Minister Andrew Holness gets crowned ‘Most Hon. Brogad’

Prime Minister Andrew Holness *ahem* Most Honourable Brogad! (Photo: Facebook

Jamaicans, despite our differences, have an uncanny way of affixing nicknames to you – depending largely on how much (or how little) they like you.

Now, on social media, this ‘tradition’ has taken on new life, as some have called for Prime Minister Andrew Holness to be called Most. Honourable Brogad.

BUZZ fam, hear me out.

According to the vernacular of current Jamaican street talk, a brogad is a person who assumes the highest level of machismo. Just above regular ‘bro-ship’…The greatest ‘everyman’. The ultimate BRO.

The term, which started getting hot in late 2018, was made popular by Dancehall artiste Daddy1, who most recently released his Bro Gad single on streaming platform YouTube last Saturday.

How it started…

PM Holness got enraptured with the term in late September, during the Jamaica Urban Transit Company’s (JUTC) strike by its drivers. One Twitter user, @BucketUpNext, was brave enough to reach Holness’ Instagram DMs to ask if school would be on the cards the following day.

The birth of a movement (Photo: Twitter @BucketUpNext)

And the rest, as they say in showbiz, is history!

Well, who is more deserving of the title ‘Most Honourable Brogad’, than Andrew Holness?

Prime Minister Andrew Holness is cheered by Junction residents on Wednesday, October 23, as he commissions the Essex Water Supply Project in the St. Elizabeth town. (Photo: Twitter @AndrewHolnessJM)

It just flows so effortlessly. Leader of Government. Prime Minister Andrew Holness. Most. Honourable. Brogad!

Having already crowned him Jamaica’s coolest Prime Minister, some local Twitter users are leading the latest cause, for Holness to publicly accept the moniker and cement himself in the upper echelons of suave and SAUCE.

Government Senator Robert Nesta Morgan has joined the call following Holness’ historic role in returning piped water to the people of Junction, St. Elizabeth just yesterday.

“The Most Hon. Brogad unclogged the pipe.  The people now have water after over 20 years of promises,” Morgan tweeted, adding a similar definition to the name.

We expect to hear an update from The Most Honourable Brogad in the coming days.