Prince Pine the pudding man? Twitter thinks it’s cracked the code

It seems the joke is on Prince Pine, this time!

Prince Pine (Photo: Facebook/Prince Pine)

The influencer and comedian is used to being part of the conversation online but it seems an innocent post by one user had him being the subject of it.

When Twitter user, @bri_clarke876 (better known as Miss Jamaica Global 2019, Brithney Clarke) shared a photo of herself at the famed pudding spot in Priory, St Ann, she was doing what many before her have done; showing off one of the island’s most popular culinary jaunts.

Clarke posted the pic at the roadside set up, known for its delicious range of the traditional Jamaican dessert – pudding, along with someone associated with the establishment. It was the individual’s close resemblance to the popular social media personality, Prince Pine, that immediately caught the attention of many.

“Why is this Prince Pine?” asked one user, while another said “Prince Pine feel him slick”.

Another asked “So that ain’t prince pine” while yet another stated “Prince Pine at it again, the man jus multi-talented”.

Do ya” see the resemblance, BUZZ fam? Let us know in the comments?