Proceed with ‘Caution’: Macka Diamond premieres raunchy music video

Dancehall artiste Macka Diamond is breaking the Internet with Caution.

There are some things you really wish you could unsee, and that’s pretty much the sentiment coming from persons who have watched Macka Diamond’s Caution music video.

The deejay probably planned to break the Internet when she released the video on Saturday, March 14, based on its explicit content.

“They need to quarantine both of you in the video.”

— Viewer

In the Caution music video, Macka is seen dressed as a ‘granny’ with her walking stick. As she exits her house, she is greeted by a young stud who escorts her to a vehicle. From there, they head to a pool where Macka and the man simulate sexual intercourse and oral sex. In other scenes, Macka wears close-fitting outfits while showing off some sensual dance moves.

A mouthful

Well, that’s quite a mouthful.

And it seems Macka expected some amount of backlash based on a post she made on social media on Monday.

“Not even badmind can stop it #CAUTION views climbing trending soon who else predict it drop some fire,” Macka said on Instagram.

The backlash certainly came.

“They need to quarantine both of you in the video and the whole film crew,” one person commented on YouTube.

“I like you Macka but this is CRINGE man,” another added.

It wasn’t all bad, though, as some persons commended her on the quality of the song.