Producer anticipates a million views for Rygin King project

Jamarie ‘Sinco’ Sinclair

The official music video for Rygin King’s Inna Me Mind debuted on Friday (July 16) and the single’s producer, Jamarie ‘Sinco’ Sinclair, wants to attract one million views within a week.

“I want a million views (in the) first week or as close as possible,” Sinclair told BUZZ. “I believe that this needs to be seen by the millions because it is fresh visuals for the artist who is rising up from his personal misfortune.”

The track, which premiered two months ago, sees an introspective King reflecting on surviving multiple odds from ongoing naysayers to the 2020 hit on his life. The visuals, directed by Terminal 4 Media, show an isolated King surrounded by elements of self-examination (like broken mirrors) as he lyricizes that anything can be conquered with the right mindset.

The video has earned more than 40,000 views in less than 24 hours. Sinclair spoke about the project’s feedback. So far it has amassed almost 110,000 views on YouTube and is currently number 17 on trending.

“It’s been great,” he started. “People like the song because of the sound sonically and also the message of resilience. They like the beat and the fact that it’s my production.”

The song marks his debut production for his Zukie Records label which was established last year. The 27-year-old producer, however, is no new-comer to the music industry as his father is veteran deejay/producer Tappa Zukie.

“I’ve always known that music was my destiny even when I didn’t know the first road to take to get there. It was just a matter of time and here we are.”

In carving his own legacy, Sinclair’s goal is to “build my platform so I can premiere new, young talent to the world.”