Producer Jahboy hoping to break into Latin market with new song ‘Liar’

Jamaican producer Jahboy

Typically known for his Afrobeats catalogue, Jamaican producer Jahboy is expanding his sound to the Latin market with new music from Italian-Venezuelan artiste Steffani Milan. 

The song, Liar, debuted almost three weeks ago and has since gained favour in countries like Panama.

“We just start promote it and it getting radio play overseas,” Jahboy told BUZZ. “Right now I’m trying to get in the Latin market cause I want to crossover and mix Afrobeats and Latin music together.”

His ambition is aided by a publishing deal with Sony Music.

“What dem basically doing for me right now is get the song dem in certain markets and ting. Dem choose this song because dem seh this is a great song so dem choose it fi publish it so basically weh dem a do right now dem a try get it inna certain playlists for me.”

Italian-Venezuelan artiste Steffani Milan

He added that Milan will also join the promotion soon as she is currently on tour in Italy. The singer, who is based in the United Kingdom (UK), previously worked with Jahboy last year for a refix of Sean Dampte’s track Want You. Jahboy explained how the current project arose.

“I was working on a new rhythm and when I finish it I just send it to her on WhatsApp and after she reply to me and seh she love the rhythm, a suh she end up get to voice it.”

With her UK reach, Jahboy also hopes the song will pick up in that market. 

“A nuh everybody in Jamaica listen to Latin music so I’m basically targeting the UK and America.”