Producers reveal that Skillibeng’s album is complete

Fans of dancehall artiste Skillibeng can expect to get some new music from the artiste, following news that his album is complete.

Producers Johnny Wonder and Adde of Adde Instrumentals used social media to announce the status of the project.

In a post on his Instagram account, Johnny Wonder wrote below a photo of himself and Skillibeng, “this is what a finished album looks like”.

“Crocodile Teeth the album is finished,” added Adde in a post his Instagram.

Adde also shared an image of a menacing looking crocodile with what appears to be bullets for teeth, possibly the cover art for the album.

Since the release of the single ‘Crocodile Teeth’, Skillibeng has become an household name both locally and overseas.

He even caught the attention of rapper Nicki Minaj  who collaborated with him and used a amended version of the track as one of three new songs on her rereleased ‘Beam Me Up Scotty’ mixtape.

Crocodile Teeth is now set to follow up on ‘The Prodigy: Ladies Only Edition’ which Skillibeng released in May of 2021.