Protoje drops ‘Switch It Up’ video with star-filled cast

The official music video for Protoje and Koffee’s Switch It Up was released to much acclaim yesterday.

Protoje and Koffee on set of their ‘Switch It Up’ music video. (Photo: Yannick Reid)

The glitz-filled visual, which features the two leads and their celeb pals taking starring roles as social darlings, is set inside a casino.

Seated at an impressive table, giving off vibes of achievement and black excellence are Protoje’s musical charges Lila Iké, Sevana and Jaz Elise, decked out in opulent ensembles amid the lavish set-up. Reggae star Jesse Royal also features in the star-packed line-up.

The song forms part of Protoje’s album, In Search of Lost Time, and saw a visual release, that has racked up over two million views, drop on YouTube in August last year.

The official release has garnered 112,000 views since hitting the streaming platform yesterday.

Protoje noted under the video that it’s “one of the most fun videos I’ve done in a while” adding “it felt a lot like #Outside, the vibes, the people, the dancing – everything was a vibe.”

One fan noted “It’s the looks at the dinner table for me. All the woman dem come out strong” while another added, “Koffee flow is unmatched and Protoje is always consistent”.